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Our Services

At My Pretty Face Studio, we offer a wide range of skincare treatments to help you achieve your best look. Our services include:

  • Spa Facials: Our expert estheticians provide customized facials to meet your specific skin needs and concerns. We use high-quality clinical grade products to ensure your skin looks and feels its best.

  • Acne Treatment: We understand how frustrating and uncomfortable acne can be. Our acne treatment services include extractions, exfoliation, High Frequency & Blue LED Light Therapy to help target any inflammation and bacteria that is on the skin. We also use targeted skincare products to help you achieve clear, beautiful skin.

  • Chemical Peels: Our chemical peel treatments are designed to improve the overall appearance of your skin. We offer a variety of peels to address different skin concerns, such as pigmentation, texture, and fine lines.​ This treatment only comes as a series as chemical peels only start to show dramatic results after 4 or 6 treatments.

  • Waxing Services: We wax all areas of the body with high quality wax which is great for sensitive skin as well!

  • Brow Bar Services: We do it all when it comes to brows! All these things can help the overall shape and fullness to your brows. Brow Tinting, Brow Lifting/Laminations, Brow Shaping, Brow Waxing and even Semi Permanent Tattoo Brow Makeup!

  • Lash Bar Services: Our lash services include: Lash Lifting, Lash Tinting, and Lash Extensions all things to help further enhance and compliment your overall look and appearance.


Hydrating Facial Serums
Eyebrow Waxing

HydroJelly Mask with LED Light Therapy

Unwind and pamper your skin with our luxurious Hydrojelly Mask. Unlike typical masks, our Hydrojelly Mask offers deeper penetration, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With a variety of specialized blends to choose from, our esthetician will tailor the perfect blend to address your unique skin needs.



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